Posted by: futurefaith | April 12, 2008

The Tangibility Of The Rainbow

Posted September of 2006

A few weeks ago while coming into the office early one morning, I drove into the most beautiful rainbow setting I have ever seen. It had rained all night long and the cloud cover had begun to break up, it’s solid canopy now coming to a most perfect, abrupt end. It looked as if the clouds had been trimmed in a strait line with a knife. The sun began its slow climb into the morning sky, causing the most serene scene to unfold. The sun’s rays shot underneath the breaking clouds and through the fields of bright, yellow crops. The clouds trapped all the color that the sun so effectively illuminated, causing the most unusual two tone look in the sky. One half of the sky was a shallow dark gray yet, still full of color. The other half clear, blue, deep and looking most peaceful. This alone would have been plenty to dazzle me in wonder of my great God, but he was not content with just that. The most beautiful rainbow had punched its way through the canopy of clouds to rest in a ripened bean field and then connected to an unknown distance of the now bright and clear country side (they had already endured the storm). I know I have not done God justice in my description, but It was enough to cause me to slow down, stop and listen to the promise this rainbow represented. It is here that I dare say that the promise alone is not what makes this whole thing tangible, at least to me. I noticed something Sunday as my pastor was preaching from Genesis chapter 9 that I had never seen before and that made me remember this incident. God told Noah in verse 16 something that makes this whole thing [the rainbow and its promise] tangible for me. God said that he would be looking upon the rainbow himself in remembrance of his covenant. I got chills when I remembered that early morning scene and I sat amazed at the thought that as I was looking up to the rainbow, God was looking down at the rainbow. The rainbow represents that single moment where man, God’s creation, is provided an instant away from his earthly responsibilities to spend a tranquil moment in praise and worship. Not just to his master, but with Him. In other words, worshiping God while in his presence. I can never look at the rainbow the same way ever again. It is with great anticipation that I am waiting to share with Isaac this awesome moment. To explain the rainbow as a special moment to be spent with his Creator. Wow! To the praise of His glory and grace.



  1. I read this when you first published it and appreciated it then. Now living in Florida – where summer brings not only daily rains but an abundance of sunshine – I find myself in the land of rainbows. I think back on this message often, and send friends the link. What a beautiful promise, and an incredible moment of worship.

    • Thank you Sarah! I am glad you are blessed by this truth as much as I am. I just realized the other day that it has been a couple years since I last posted. I am going to try hard to share more of these “teaching” moments that God has been giving me as of late. Blessings!

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