Posted by: futurefaith | November 2, 2011

Book Review

I received a review copy of the book “Every Man’s Battle: Winning the War on Sexual Temptation One Victory at a Time” by Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker from ‘Blogging for Books’. This was a book I have read before but one that I really wanted to review for several reasons. First, due to the over stimulation of sexuality in our culture there is nothing more prominent or accessible than sex. When we consider that of all those things a man may be driven by in his life, sex is right there on the top of the list. Secondly, as a pastor I am always looking for spiritual helps in my endeavors to biblically adjust the powerful, fleshly drive shafts of humanity. This book was refreshing in that these authors have a personal history with the sexual issues they write about (and that most men deal with), but even more so in that they found victory over these struggles.

Now I feel I should mention right away that this version is for adult men. Unless, a teenager is found stuck in the middle of major sexual captivity I would suggest that fathers first read the book themselves. Their judgment in passing this on as a “preventative measure” for their junior high or young high school age boys is needed here. I think there is actually a “lighter” version for teen-aged boys. At any rate, be prepared to hear it straight-forward with no punches being withheld.

The approach is Bible based, so those wanting a more humanist or philosophical approach (non-religious) to “curbing” the sexual appetite will not find what they are looking for here.
They present biblical examples of men who disciplined their eyes and hearts. They give insights step by step concerning the sexual based sins and often times these “little” insights find themselves as “crucial” insights to those sexual based sins that have been so hard to break. There is also a workbook section in the back that I found helpful as a great review and reminder of the steps needed to be taken in my own life to ensure a victory over the battle of sexual temptation. This would be a help for a group leader who would lead a study of this book.

The only negative that I had toward the book was that I felt there was an over-emphasis of the individual in the battle over sexual temptations. Due to my theological position and understanding several statements made me a little uncomfortable especially in the chapters titled, ‘Choosing True Manhood’ and ‘The Time to Decide’. Honestly, if it was just a matter of deciding it would be a whole different story (at least in my book). However, it just seemed to me that while there were those “God can do anything” clauses being made, the success of the outcome, I felt, was laid too heavily on the powerless individual to somehow show power from within his sin-struck heart in breaking what he could not otherwise break. On this I would just like to counter with Phil. 2:13, “For it is God who is working in you, enabling you both to will and to act for His good purpose” (HCSB). I think the authors should have rested on the biblical reality that it is by God’s Spirit in you and the Power of the Word before you, that obedience to Christ will prove victorious for you. This is not to say that they don’t make the effort to say this, they do. I just felt that the man who is all bound up in sexual captivity is going to wonder in what way is he ever going to start this whole unraveling process. He’s bound up tight in it. Others may read the book and not agree and I understand that. In spite of my little, quirky, theological ought against its tone, the book was a tremendous enlightenment and encouragement.

The book measures 8 in. long X 5 3/8 in. wide X 5/8 in. thick. It has a very attractive paper cover. The pages are made of the “newspaper” gray stuff. The text type is very readable, while the text size was about size 8 or 9 in my estimation. The price on the back cover has it listed for about $15.99 US dollars, but can be purchased cheaper online.

As of right now I would definitely recommend and use this book in my counseling, and teaching. I would have to emphasis some areas differently but on the whole, I would say that this is a must read for every Christian man. I was hindered in going into too much detail due to the graphic nature of the book, but if a Christian man would trust the judgment and insight of another Christian man, then I tell him get it and read it. Mothers, wives, girlfriends, this would be a great gift to your beloved man (men…if you’re a mother). My prayer is that God will use this for the strengthening of His Kingdom.


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