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The purpose of this section is to log the sources that have been the biggest help in the development of my Faith, Theology, Sanctification, Family, and Person


‘Of Plymouth Plantation’ – by William Bradford
[Wow! You think you know your history and then you read this. The best word I can give is read it for yourself. The least, convicting, humbling, exciting, encouraging, that is the very least. It will make you either thankful for your Christianity or cause you to need it. The evidence of God’s sovereign purpose is splashed all through its pages.]

‘Faith Of Our Fathers’ – by Mark Sidwell
[I read two or three chapters at every sitting. This book has been one of the greatest zeal builders in the area of personal service. This would make a great family reader as well as a devotional supplement. It should stir you with the simple way it shares the evangelistic ferver of other Christians. It is simple reading but powerfully convicting. A must read.]

‘Desiring God’ – by John Piper
[This book caused me to realize my life long responibility and pleasure is to know Him and enjoy Him forever. It is in my top five spiritual favorites!]

‘Shepherding a Child’s Heart’ – by Tedd Tripp
[When it comes to raising your children this is second only to the Bible.]

‘From the Mind of God to the Mind of Man’
[This is a very entery level, understandable explanation of the facts concerning
the issues of Bible versions. If you want to learn about the issue without the emotional hype and ignorance this will do good at getting your feet wet.]

‘God’s Word In Our Hands’ – by James B. Williams/Randolph Shaylor
[This is a deeper resource for the issue of Bible versions. This is to complement ‘From the Mind of God to the Mind of Man’ (see above). It gives facts, not emotions, it speaks truth and not presumption. You may not agree in the end (which would be to bad) but at least you will know it was honest, and God honoring.]

‘The Truth Project’
[This is a DVD series dedicated to presenting a biblical worldview and teaching Christians how approach the issues we face today. This is put out by Focus on the Family and is very well done. We have been using this in the Bible class that I teach at a local Chrisitian high school. I recommend this for junior high age students to adults.]


‘Alone With God’ by Jason Janz


Credenda Agenda
[I don’t agree with everything or even most of what is promoted, BUT I wouldn’t let this subscription expire. You’ll find yourself laughing, crying, a bit angry, many times scratching your head. All in all, you’ll say you love it.]

[I look forward to reading this every morning. While I may disagree with some points of theology and practice, I truly appreciate the God centeredness of this publication. I will renew this subscription as well.



  1. No titles at hand as I fire this off, but check out the colonials Dr. John Clarke [instrumental in securing (the only)freedom of religion in the RI charter from the English king] – and John Leland, the native MA / VA Baptist pastor, who was the driving force behind the 1st Amendment.

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